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Grow With Me, Inc., is a technology company specialized in the research and development of innovative programming technology.  We have recently successfully completed a three years field testing of an innovative Easy Format™ programming language. 

Easy Format™ is designed to reduce the time required to develop programs and reduce future maintenance cost for software developers.  The technology is now made available to the hardware manufacturers and software industry.    Easy Format™ is a development language platform for hardware and software industry with varies advantages.

What is Easy Format ?

The Easy Format™ is a patented programming technology to specially handle the event driven applications.   It is one of the most efficient programming tool to define the structure of a job; no matter what kind of State Path Diagramprogramming language is used.  Event-driven programs can be easily found in many application software, such as real-time applications and windows applications.  The building block of our technology is based on the event-driven and state-transition concept.  The language is uniquely using the state and path structure, which is analogy to the natural human's logic in event triggering to state transition and then carrying out action format.   This approach is easy for the programmer to learn and translate the logical structure of a program into the actual coding.  It is aparted from the conventional programming language with top-down control flow.   The advantages of Easy Format™ are :

One of our major goal in the development of Easy Format™ is to diverse our language product into different applications and programming environments.   You may review our Roadmap section for details.   An application specific version of Easy Format™ has been adopted by several companies in the industry to support their voice and melody controllers.   Please refer to introduction of the structure and the tutorial of the information of "Easy Format™ supported voice/melody controller".  Another application specific version for programming a LCD and related controllers is still under development.  A brief description will be presented in this web site as soon as it becomes available.  The Easy Format™ enhanced C language is also currently under development; however, you may review the introduction of this language at this time.

[Our Roadmap]
[Introduction to Easy Format™ supported voice/melody controller & microcontroller]
[Tutorial of Easy Format™ supported voice/melody controller & microcontroller]
[Introduction to Easy Format enhanced C] [Products Development Status]
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