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Insignificant Training Cost
Easy Format™ is an extremely user friendly programming enhancement tool.   Little training cost is required, as most programmers are able to learn it within hours.  It is extremely beneficial to reduce the cost and time to train customers as well as in-house programmers.

Proven Technology
During the three years long field test it proved that the time required to write a program for an micro-controller application can be cut down by more than a half.     More companies and developers are adopting our technology in their products.

Open Platform for Programmable Products
Easy Format is an open standard to all micro-controller developers.  When compared with many different formats and requirements of different assembly languages,  Easy Format™ is the first standard programming language to be shared by many reputable manufacturers.  Most customer experienced a hard time to learn all the tricks of a new micro-controller, its assembly language and the development tool commands but feel more comfortable with the user friendly Easy Format and the Structural On Screen Debugger.   Very probably your customer had already gained good programming experience in Easy Format from other manufacturers before your new micro-controller chip is launched.

Quick to Introduce New Products
Easy Format™ is well structured and efficiently designed such that the program length for most application programs are greatly reduced.  For instance, keyboard scanning is merely an one line specification.   Most consumer product application programs require only 1 to 2 pages of source program.  Previous application written in both Easy Format™ and assembly language indicates that 8 pages of assembly language programming requires only 1 page of Easy Format™ programming.   Easy Format helps your customer bring their products into the market much! much!! faster.

Reduce Programming Debug Time
The debug time is also significantly reduced.  As a result it is now possible to lunch a new controller product within a much shorter time frame. 

Reduce Maintenance Cost
A project making use of multiple programming languages takes months.  It may involve more than a single programmer.  The progress of the project will be seriously affected if a programmer leaves the team.   In case of using Assembly Language, the programming job may have to be restart all over again.   With Easy Format, the valuable work done can be easily understood by any other programmer taking over the job and the delay in the project schedule can be minimized.   In case of on-going system maintenance job, most programmers will be able to refresh the content of the program and start working within an hour.

Most Transportable and Serviceable Platform
Customers can send their programs to servicing staffs who can understand the programs within one to two hours.  Therefore,  they can provide instant or overnight support feedback.  The term "transportable" refers to the capability for a programmer to read and understand a program written by other people.

Increase the efficiency of programming languages
The Easy Format™ enhances the efficiency of most popular programming languages from proprietary assembly language to popular high level language such as C, C++, and Java.

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