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Benefits of Easy Format

Product Development Status

Easy Format has been planned for variety of applications.  The complexity and needs of each type of application vary from hardware to the software level.   Consequently, we have generally divided the development of the Easy Format™ into two directions :
  1. Application specific programming support, and
  2. High-level language enhancement.

Easy RoadMapIn the first application and hardware specific application branch, the application specific Easy Format™ is based on the same core set of instructions and system flow structure.   Specific applications usually have different requirements, which may not be identical to each other.   Thus, application specific Easy Format™ is flexible enough to adapt to each specific application environments with different subset of instructions.  For example, a LCD controller will have a different subset of instructions from the Telecommunication controller applications.   This kind of differentiation will increase the efficiency and fully exploit the power of the language.  The "Easy Format supported Voice/Melody micro-controller" programming language was released three years ago.  It has been proven to improve the programmer's productivity in both programming and debugging efforts by our licensees and enabled the micro-controller products to be quickly launched into the market.

The second branch of the Easy Format™ is the Easy Format™ enhanced high-level programming languages. It is designed to be an enhancement to the existing programming languages, such as C, C++, and Visual Basic.   The enhancements will integrate our unique user friendly structure and operating environment in the original higher level language.   The purpose is to incorporate our core technology to enhance the event-driven capability in these languages.  At this time, we are developing the Easy Format Enhanced C language which will be released this year.  Consequently, customers can enjoy the benefits of shorter programming time, debug time, and reduced maintenance cost.  See the benefits of using Easy Format™.

[Benefits of Easy Format]
[Product Development Status]

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