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Introduction to Easy Format™ Enhanced C


Introduction to the Easy Format supported Voice / Melody controller

The Easy Format™ enhanced C is part of our product line in the Easy Format™ family (See the Roadmap section for details).   It is designed as a event-driven specific high-level programming language based on one of most popular programming language C.   This enhancement maintains all the fundamental structure of the Application Specific Easy Format™ and includes the programming syntax and semantic of C languages. The advantages will facilitate the programming of event driven applications, such as the consumer product, and other real time applications. Like the application specific edition, it retains our patented state and path structure as the framework to handle incoming events and act on it. Because event and state transition logic is aggregated within a central framework, it is extremely easy for the programmer to develop and maintain the software products.  

In summary, the Easy Format™ enhanced C has following built-in features:

  • Based on syntax and semantic of popular C programming language
  • Native Event-driven and state control
  • Modular group structure
  • Capable to interface with other programming languages.

Different levels of implementation

Due to the diverse complexity of implemented application, the Easy Format™ enhanced C has two levels of implementation: Level I and Level II.   First, the level I is designed for relative simple applications.  This type of application is defined as single task with simple logic and strict small object code footprint requirement.   For instance, applications in consumer product with primitive voice controls.   The level II specifications add more advanced features, such as multi-task control, event communications, and priority control.  This level of implementation defines a comprehensive event driven operating environment.  At the same time, it demands higher stringent requirements of processing power and memory at the hardware level.  It elevates the capability of the language for end-users to build more complex applications.  For example, it can build control program on telecommunication equipment,  and high-end consumer products.

However, this language is still under development at this time.  The preliminary specification will be posted on this Web site as soon as it is available.

[Introduction to Easy Format™ supported voice/melody controller]

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